The Project

Sport as an opportunity

In 2009 we started the project ‘Sport as an opportunity’ in order to support children. Today we look after two groups of boys from schools in Hanover-Garbsen, Germany.

The children born in 2000 and 2006 make up two successful football teams and are enthusiastic participants of our after school clubs. We are planning to support the children for ten years until they leave school and start a career.

‘First we learn German, then how to dribble the ball.’ Per Mertesacker

For a successful future – Two days a week we support the children in individual after school support groups with focus on maths and German.

For a healthy life – the children cook and eat together and learn about the importance of a balanced diet. They play football, take up and practise other sports and go on outings together in their spare time.

For a sense of community in our society- football helps the children integrate into a team and into our wider society later on. They speak one language, celebrate victories together and learn to deal with defeats. They are part of one team and learn to take responsibility for themselves and others.

Feel free to pop in and take a look for yourself of how our project works.

Our work pays off

Here is some of the feedback we have received from parents:

My child is always looking forward to Tuesdays and Fridays because you are there.’

My child came home happy after maths homework.’

It’s a shame the project only exists in Garbsen.’

Other schools in different parts of Hanover are keen to set up similar project groups in future. Thanks to the success we have had to date we are setting up a girls only group in 2015.

The number of participating children will be extended to 50.

In order to deliver on our plans – such as setting up a girls group, new groups of children at schools in other parts of Hanover- we require the necessary financial means and therefore rely on your kind donations.


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