The foundation’s representatives

We are a team of volunteers who are committed to sustain the foundation’s work on an ongoing basis.

With your donation we can help those children get a chance in life, which not only helps them but all of us, our whole society. The children will thank you for it – and so do we.

The board of directors, the board of trustees and the foundation ambassadors – these are the representatives of Per Mertesacker’s foundation:

Board of directors :

 Timo Mertesacker


Bank business economist

Hanover, Germany

 Dr.Ute Versteyl

Deputy Chairman

Lawyer (Notary, now retired)

 Stefan Mertesacker

Lecturer at the Banking Academy Lower Saxony

Football manager and functionary

Pattensen, Germany

Board of Trustees :

Per Mertesacker

Professional footballer / FIFA World Cup Winner 2014

Hanover, Germany / London, UK

Oliver Pocher

Comedian and TV presenter

Hanover, Germany

Klaus Dempwolf

Business economist and football official

Osterode, Germany

Marco Höhne

Senior Director NORD/LB Hanover

Hanover, Germany

Foundation board :

Ansgar Pietschmann

Sports scientist, teacher and project leader of ‘Sport as an opportunity’

Hanover, Germany

Rainer Knorr

Sports Marketing of Events venue ‘Nordkurve Hannover 96’

Hanover, Germany

Marcus Olm

Coach of football manager trainees for children and young adults

Hanover, Germany

Rainer Schumann

Musician (Drummer of Fury in the Slaughterhouse)

Hanover, Germany

Götz-Werner von Fromberg

Lawyer and notary

Hanover, Germany

Foundation Ambassadors :

Thomas Westphal

Team Manager

RasenBallsport Leipzig

Michael “Mille” Gorgas

Legend kit manager

ex- Football Club Hannover 96

Timo Kosien

Real Estate Professional

Hanover, Germany

Jan-Marc Gehlauf

Insurance clerk

Bremen, Germany

Oliver Heinicke

Merchant in wholesale and foreign trade in

Wildemann, Harz, Germany

Simone Wolf

Ambassador for London/UK


Samira Samii

Ambassador for Bavaria

Bavaria, Germany

Kai Hennig

student / software engineer

Berlin, Germany

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