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‘Those who are lucky enough to enjoy the sunny side of life should also help those who are less fortunate.’

Per Mertesacker’s foundation supports socially disadvantaged children in and around Hanover, Germany, by encouraging them to take up sports. The foundation’s key focus are children from migrant families, those with learning difficulties or those with a socially deprived background. The foundation supports specific projects in order to help and ‘Sport as an opportunity’ is a good example of their work.

The role of sports to help integrate and educate young people is becoming increasingly important. As such, the invaluable work carried out within clubs is in the spotlight even more today, in particular with regards to encouraging children and young adults to play football.

There is a large number of small football clubs in Germany co-existing with the giant Bundesliga clubs who contribute hugely positively and considerably to society. Their work, however, is often at risk due to financial constraints. There could be young talents playing in smaller clubs which need support early on to give them the best possible future.

This is where Per Mertesacker is keen to be a role model as a person and thanks to his successful career to inspire young people to make their way in life through sports, whilst feeling part of a community and simply enjoying playing football.

Due to the importance of sports in helping to educate children and integrate young people, the foundation would like to support the sport of football in particular.

I would be most grateful for any donation to support the work of my foundation.

Thank you.

Yours truly

Per Mertesacker

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